Welcome to Apocalypse 2020! We’re All Going To Die

According to the Book of Revelation, seven things need to happen in order to bring about the Apocalypse. Those seven things are known as the “Seven Seals,” and once those suckers have been broken, all bets are off, the end times are upon us, and we’re all going to die. The first seal is theContinue reading “Welcome to Apocalypse 2020! We’re All Going To Die”

Donald Trump Is The Perfect Deity For Conservative Christians

Conservative Christian Trump supporters are gathering by the thousands in Tulsa, Oklahoma today, for Trump’s first “campaign rally.” These men and women, sometimes with their children or grandchildren, will crowd into the Bank of Oklahoma Center, most will not wear masks, and they will listen as Trump throws out racist red meat. They will cheerContinue reading “Donald Trump Is The Perfect Deity For Conservative Christians”

America or Donald Trump: It’s Time to Pick A Side

This is an email the Trump campaign sent out yesterday. For a $35 donation to Donald Trump, you receive a camo baseball cap and a “membership” in the Trump Army. Wearing that cap, emblazoned with Trump’s reelection slogan, will prove your loyalty and show everyone you are Trump’s “first line of defense when it comesContinue reading “America or Donald Trump: It’s Time to Pick A Side”

Donald Trump is a Family Annihilator and We Are The Family

Last night, Donald Trump ordered peaceful protesters outside the White House shot with rubber bullets and tear gas so he could have a photo op outside St. John’s Episcopal Church. Trump did that in order to prove his masculinity. He stood outside the church with a bible, which he pumped up and down like aContinue reading “Donald Trump is a Family Annihilator and We Are The Family”

The Law and Order of Donald Trump

During the 2016 election, Donald Trump called himself the “law and order candidate.” And his supporters cheered, because they (falsely) believed that President Obama hated law enforcement. Under President Obama, the Department of Justice took a key role in exposing police abuse and corruption, including shootings, racism, and police brutality. When Trump took office, heContinue reading “The Law and Order of Donald Trump”

George Floyd is Mourned Everywhere but The White House

Syrian artists have painted a mural to honor George Floyd, and show their solidarity with black Americans. British protesters knelt in front of Trafalgar Square for nine minutes, the length of time Derek Chauvin took to murder George Floyd, raising their fists in the air. Germans marched, and four German soccer players knelt on theContinue reading “George Floyd is Mourned Everywhere but The White House”

George Floyd’s Murder Is A Direct Result of Trump’s America

George Floyd was murdered Monday evening. George Floyd was a black man who died underneath the knee of Derek Chauvin, a Minneapolis police officer. George Floyd died begging for his life, gasping “I can’t breathe,” listening to bystanders scream at Chauvin to stop, as Derek Chauvin knelt on his neck for nearly ten minutes. ThisContinue reading “George Floyd’s Murder Is A Direct Result of Trump’s America”