Introducing the White Fragility GoFundMe!

Are you a white progressive on Twitter? Has someone hurt your feelings? Have you been called out for telling black people how to think, speak, and vote? If you answered “Absolutely!” to any or all of these questions, allow me to introduce you to the White Fragility GoFundMe-a new way to profit off your pretendContinue reading “Introducing the White Fragility GoFundMe!”

Ghislaine Maxwell Has Finally Been Arrested

News broke this morning of the arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell, the woman who helped find young girls for Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking ring. Maxwell has been charged with conspiring to entice minors to travel to engage in sex acts, and perjury, according to an unsealed grand jury indictment. Maxwell was Epstein’s girlfriend, and the twoContinue reading “Ghislaine Maxwell Has Finally Been Arrested”

Malcolm Nance Demanded His Followers Harass A Black Woman On Twitter

Last night, Malcolm Nance, a former CIA analyst with a blue checkmark and over 800,000 followers, demanded his fans harass a black woman on Twitter. And they did, in droves. This morning, that woman has been forced to lock down her Twitter account, many of her friends and followers have been targeted, and most ofContinue reading “Malcolm Nance Demanded His Followers Harass A Black Woman On Twitter”

Trump 2020: He Can Drink Water With One Hand!

Oh my goodness, last night’s Trump COVID Death Rally 2020 was a bust. Thanks to the combination of a global pandemic, K-Pop fans, and young people on Tic Toc, Trump’s campaign ad for Joe Biden Trump’s Tulsa event attracted less than 7,000 people. Who somehow managed to not social distance in an arena that holdsContinue reading “Trump 2020: He Can Drink Water With One Hand!”

Donald Trump Is The Perfect Deity For Conservative Christians

Conservative Christian Trump supporters are gathering by the thousands in Tulsa, Oklahoma today, for Trump’s first “campaign rally.” These men and women, sometimes with their children or grandchildren, will crowd into the Bank of Oklahoma Center, most will not wear masks, and they will listen as Trump throws out racist red meat. They will cheerContinue reading “Donald Trump Is The Perfect Deity For Conservative Christians”

White Lady Cop Cries Over Egg McMuffin

This white lady cop ordered an Egg McMuffin, hash browns, and a coffee, from McDonald’s. Her order wasn’t ready, so they gave her the coffee and asked her to wait in a parking spot, which is something that happens to people at fast food establishments all the time. But for our intrepid heroine, waiting forContinue reading “White Lady Cop Cries Over Egg McMuffin”

A Black Man Asked People To Vote On How He Will Die

Last week, a black man I follow on Twitter posted a poll. He asked his followers how he will die: Will he be Ahmaud Aberery’d, Breonna Taylor’d, or George Floyded. I picked Ahmaud Arbery’d. I didn’t want to. I really didn’t want to. But my discomfort was the point. As a white woman, I willContinue reading “A Black Man Asked People To Vote On How He Will Die”