The “Do Something” People Have No Clue How Government Works

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If you’re on social media, you have no doubt seen tweets demanding Nancy Pelosi “Do Something.” Perhaps you’ve been witness to someone typing all in caps that the Senate needs to be “held in contempt,” “arrested,” and put in some mythical jail underneath the Capitol. Or maybe you have read, with ever-widening eyes, a tirade from a blue check mark about Speaker Pelosi marching into the Oval Office and slapping more impeachment documents on the Resolute Desk.

The “Do Something” people have no clue how government works. If you ask them to name the three branches of government, they block you. If you gently attempt to teach them about the role of Congress, they call you names. If you correctly point out why things pass the House, then are stalled in the Senate, they argue with you until you simply log off Twitter and go outside to mourn the loss of our country to idiots.

We have three branches of government-Legislative, Judicial, and Executive. In normal times, these branches work together to promote bills and laws that benefit the American people. The Legislative branch is the House. Congress passes bills, then sends those bills onto the Senate, where they become law. The Executive branch is the President, who enforces the laws sent to him by the House. The Judicial branch includes the Supreme Court.

Now, “Do Something” people do not understand in any way the role of the House. They seem to believe that Congress can do whatever the hell they want, the Senate doesn’t exist, and the President can be dragged out of his office and perp walked down Pennsylvania Avenue. None of that is true. Congress is one part of the House, the other, of course, being the Senate. A Senate currently being led by one Mitch McConnell, a man so far up Donald Trump’s rectum, it’s a miracle he can see.

Mitch McConnell and the rest of the Trump party are the reason Congress has passed bill upon bill, and yet, nothing ever happens to those bills. Nancy Pelosi can’t do a goddamn thing because of Mitch McConnell. Remember the impeachment hearings? Remember what the Trump party did? What a total sham those hearings were? Why would Speaker Pelosi do that again, especially since she, like the rest of us who understand how corrupt and unethical the Senate is, knows what the outcome would be?

Stop showing how little you understand basic government on Twitter. Google “Three branches of government.” Instead of typing “Do Something,” go Learn Something.

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