The Cult of QAnon

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Imagine you are walking down the street in any major American city. Suddenly you hear someone yelling about Oprah Winfrey, Tom Hanks, Hillary Clinton, and all of Hollywood running a child sex trafficking ring right under our noses, and that Donald Trump is the only one who can save those children.

How would you react? Would you:

A) Believe this person needs immediate medical attention and contact a hospital or clinic?

B) Elect them to Congress?

If you answered B, congratulations-you are a member of the Cult of QAnon.

Marjorie Taylor Greene won the Republican primary in Georgia earlier this month. Ms. Greene is a full-blown member of the Cult of QAnon. She’s made incredibly racist, Islamophobic, and anti-Semitic videos, and she believesThere’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take this global cabal of Satan-worshiping pedophiles out, and I think we have the president to do it.” Ms. Greene is most likely headed to Congress in November.

QAnon cultists are convinced there is some magical high-level government insider who calls themselves “Q.” And “Q” tells them things that no one else knows. For example, I recently saw a post by a QAnon follower who wrote that Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson were arrested for sex trafficking and executed last week. The fact that both Hanks and his wife are very much alive, have not been arrested, and are not involved with sex trafficking, could not sway this woman. She knows all of this is true, because QAnon told her so.

QAnon began in 2017, when an anonymous person posted a series of messages on 4Chan, signing them as “Q.” This anonymous person claimed to have a Q-level security clearance, which is the equivalent of top secret clearance in the Department of Energy. Keep in mind, no one knows who “Q” is, if it’s one person, a group of people, or if “Q” is even American. And since information about Q-level clearance is available online, there’s nothing to prove “Q” even works for the federal government in any capacity, or has any sort of security clearance at all.

The messages were known as “Q Drops” or “breadcrumbs” by the QAnon faithful, and every single one of them was pro-Trump. Often, “Q” would pick apart Trump’s speeches, and point out that Trump had said something “Q” had posted earlier. This gave “Q” an air of credibility, while convincing the cult that Trump was a supporter of “Q.”

In 2018, a QAnon cultist named Matthew Wright used an armored truck to block a bridge near the Hoover Dam. From AP:

Wright blocked traffic by parking his vehicle across lanes on the Mike O’Callaghan-Pat Tillman Bridge above the Colorado River in June 2018, authorities said. He surrendered to authorities on the Arizona side of the bridge after a 90-minute barricade situation that stopped traffic on the main highway between Las Vegas and Phoenix.

Police said they later discovered two assault-style rifles, two handguns and 900 rounds of ammunition.

In a letter from jail explaining he was motivated by patriotism, Wright used the phrase “for where we go one, we go all,” at the end of the letter. The phrase is used on message boards in the QAnon community, authorities said. QAnon conspiracy theories center around a supposed government insider who adherents believe is spooning out vital revelations using cryptic language and signs.

Many Americans are not familiar with “Q” or the QAnon Cult. But there are eleven QAnon believers running for office this year, and Marjorie Greene will most likely win her election in November. A woman who said about 9/11:

We had witnessed 9/11, the terrorist attack in New York and the plane that crashed in Pennsylvania and the so-called plane that crashed into the Pentagon. It’s odd there’s never any evidence shown for a plane in the Pentagon.

Greene is also convinced that President Obama is a Muslim, and “opened our borders to an invasion by Muslims.” Greene has stepped back from her 9/11 conspiracy beliefs, but has not apologized for her unfounded claims about President Obama.

QAnon is a cult, telling members that all Democrats are Satan-worshiping pedophiles, President Obama is a Muslim, and that a mysterious person named “Q” is somewhere in the Trump administration, dropping coded and cryptic messages only the QAnon Cult can decipher. Donald Trump and his sons have all retweeted QAnon conspiracies and QAnon Twitter accounts, much to the glee of the believers.

Racism, xenophobia, hate, fear, paranoia, violence, and ignorance, are the engines that drive the QAnon Cult. These are not rational people, these are people who believe their delusions make them special. Only they can decipher the secret messages, only they know about the Clinton/Winfrey/Hanks-run pedophile ring, only they believed in Pizzagate, only they love Trump enough, only they can save the country.

The QAnon Cult is hijacking the Save The Children movement as well, making it all about the mythical pedophile ring being run out of the non-existent basement in a pizza restaurant, and how Hillary Clinton and her cohorts are murdering and eating children for a chemical in their blood. If you express anything other than full support for this insanity, QAnon cultists tell you “You have to agree with me, or you support trafficking and murdering children.”

Whoever wins the White House in November, QAnon is not going away. Twitter is trying to ban QAnon accounts, but Facebook is doing nothing. You Tube allows the QAnon Cult to create channel after channel, promoting the most horrific lies and conspiracies. Most QAnon believers hoard guns, in preparation for their war against the “Deep State.”

Each time Trump and his sons retweet the QAnon Cult, and with each believer who is elected to political office, QAnon moves one step closer to real power. Which should terrify us all.

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