It Turns Out Progressive Hero Shahid Buttar Isn’t Very Nice to The Ladies

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Shahid Buttar is the latest progressive hero to be called out for sexual harassment, and his accuser is a Green Party candidate and Bernie Sanders supporter named Elizabeth Croydon. Buttar is running against Democratic powerhouse Nancy Pelosi, while Ms. Croydon ran for election in 2016, but lost in the Green Party primary.

According to Ms. Croydon, Buttar sexually harassed her for years, starting in the early 2000s. She alleges he “incessantly pressed her for sex against her wishes,” and on at least one occasion “made unwelcome physical contact” with her. From Mission Local:

Croydon also alleges that in the early 2010s, Buttar mocked and belittled her regarding her decision to remain celibate — despite being told, repeatedly, this was a method of coping with past sexual assaults. 

Buttar posted a long and less-than-believable denial on his Twitter, and his fans are coming out in droves with messages of love and support, while at the same time, shaming and attacking Croydon, with some believing she is being paid by Nancy Pelosi to force Buttar to drop out of the race.

Ms. Croydon is not the only woman to allege Shahid Buttar is not very nice to the ladies. Again, from Mission Local:

None made claims akin to Croydon’s, but did object to Buttar’s alleged dismissive and belittling attitude toward female employees. Departed staffers also accused Buttar of failing to put in the hard work necessary in an uphill campaign while paying himself $8,335 a month from campaign funds — more than $52,000 since January. 

Buttar defended drawing a salary from campaign funds — which is legal. “Not everyone can be an oligarch like Nancy Pelosi,” he said. “I made more money in my first year out of law school.” 

This did not resonate with former staffers. 

“I strongly believed and still believe in his policy positions. But I do not have faith in Shahid as a leader,” said former field organizer Raya Steier. “He needs to work on his attitudes with women. Trying to imply these people had performance issues? That’s not the case at all: He had performance issues.”  

Patrick Cochran, Buttar’s former volunteer coordinator, told Mission Local “As a male staffer, Shahid never did anything terrible to me. But women staffers? A completely different picture.” Cochran stated that female colleagues needed to gather “three or four men” to have their ideas taken seriously by Shahid Buttar.

And William Fitzgerald, who handled Buttar’s PR, recalled “It felt to me, as a white guy, he listened to me a lot more than the women members of his team. It was obvious and he would often speak down to and be extremely rude to women. And in front of lots of people. And it was not a one-off and not to just one woman.

What’s fascinating about this is Buttar’s absolute belief in Tara Reade, and his demand that Reade be believed no matter what. In his Twitter denial, Buttar essentially calls Ms. Croydon, and the female campaign staffers who have come forward against him, liars. So if someone accuses a male progressive hero of sexual harassment, she’s lying, but if someone accuses the guy you hate (Joe Biden), she’s automatically telling the truth.

Shahid Buttar, just like David Silverstone, wraps himself in the cocoon of progressive politics while using his power to harass and abuse women. Many women online have crashed into progressive misogynists, and watched in disbelief as these men called us whores, and stated we deserve to be raped if we do not believe Tara Reade.

Shahid Buttar will most likely not do the noble thing and drop out. Buttar believes his progressive label protects him from the consequences of his own behavior, and many of his fans seem to agree.

Or perhaps, it’s his rap skill while a white woman plays the bongos that will save him from himself.

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