Linkin Park Tells Trump To Shove It

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Saturday afternoon, after a round of very slow and lazy golf, Donald Trump decided to post a campaign video to Twitter. Many people tried to watch it, but honestly, it was just awful. I began watching it, and stopped about ten seconds in, because I recognized the background music. No, I thought, it couldn’t be. I started the video again, and yes, Trump’s campaign had, without permission, remixed a Linkin Park song and popped it into a piece of propaganda.

Linkin Park is one of the best rock bands in the world. Their music and lyrics are powerful and haunting, with fantastic guitars, keyboards, and percussion. And on July 20, 2017, the lead singer of Linkin Park, Chester Bennington, died by suicide.

Chester Bennington was very open about living with depression, and his honesty inspired millions of people to share their stories. Prior to his passing, Chester posted his disdain for Donald Trump on Twitter. Trump’s campaign used a Linkin Park song two days before the anniversary of Chester’s death, a song written and performed by a band who was very vocal in their disdain for Donald Trump, and didn’t even bother contacting anyone in Linkin Park.

Fans began tagging Linkin Park in tweets, asking “Are you guys aware Trump used one of your songs in a campaign ad?” As those tags increased, Twitter removed the video, placing a copyright infringement message in its place. Then last night, Linkin Park posted this on their Twitter:

Which is a very nice way of telling Trump to shove it.

Naturally, Trump supporters came by to prove how much they do not understand copyright laws, posting the “middle finger” emoji, and typing that they would never listen to “Lincoln Park” again, because for shit’s sake, their name is ON THE TWEET.

Linkin Park’s music helped our son when he was being bullied in high school. He began sharing Linkin Park videos and lyrics with me, and I love them. Chester Bennington’s voice is one of the most beautiful voices on Earth, and the music those talented young men wrote will remain a part of so many lives for a very long time.

Kudos to Linkin Park for joining the ever-growing list of artists who refuse to allow Donald Trump to use their music to promote his hateful agenda. We never doubted you would. And thank you for making music that helped the person I love the most in all the world get through a bad time. We miss you, Chester, so, so much.

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