Let He Who Has No Sin Cast A Stone At KHive

Every day, sometimes on an hourly basis, we regular folks in KHive are told how horrible we are, how toxic we are, how we are simultaneously powerless against Rose Twitter and capable of destroying someone’s entire life with the magic lasers embedded in our foreheads. Or something.

“KHive is the most toxic group on the internet because they proved I’m a racist!” “KHive doxxed me by going to the website I have linked in my own Twitter bio!” “KHive is led by scary black women and I can’t handle that!”

See, when someone casts a stone at KHive, our special KHive spy rings all chime at once, and we pounce on that person’s Twitter feed. Not to harass, oh no. We take screenshots. Which is what happened earlier today.

A young man calling himself el Chicano decided to tweet about how toxic he thinks KHive is.

VBNMW stands for “vote blue no matter who” and I guess they’re the new Nazis? Jim Kavanagh over at Counterpunch wrote an article about VBNMW where he explained in great detail how, as a progressive, he’s not voting for Joe Biden, and Trump is not that bad a president:

Furthermore, there is no longer the facade of personal charisma that distinguished Obama, and identity correctness that distinguished him and Hillary from Republican opponents, and inspired a lot of energetic support among Democratic constituencies. That thin, but at the time politically effective, façade lost most of its luster in the mire of Barack and Hillary’s real actions, and with Biden’s ascension, it’s gone, baby, gone. Joe Biden is arguably at least as much of a racist, a sexist, liar, and war-monger, and more incoherent and cognitively impaired than Donald Trump.

He seems nice. Shockingly, Jim’s a white guy.

Anywho, back to el Chicano up there. A professional writer and member of KHive, delonté, decided to take a peek at el Chicano’s Twitter feed, just to see if Mr. Chicano had ever tweeted anything “toxic.” And woo boy, delonté found all the things.

There is much, much more, going back quite a few years. Posts about black people, Asians, the LGBTQ community, women, and all of it toxic.

Which is what usually happens when people throw stones at KHive. We discover they are a convicted child molester, or an online serial sexual predator, or plead guilty to possession of child pornography, or are flaming racists who attacked Rep. John Lewis minutes after hearing news of his passing. KHive has dragged misogynists, bigots, homophobes, transphobes, Islamophobes, and sexual harassers, kicking and screaming into the sunlight. But we’re the toxic ones.

Why are we toxic while racists and pedophiles are just peachy? Because we’re snarky, sarcastic, we can sometimes be mean, and KHive was founded by a black woman. And almost 99% of the people who call KHive toxic are rich checkmarks and white progressives on Twitter. The same people who are still defending David Silverstone call KHive toxic every single day.

Here’s the thing about KHive: Nearly everyone I know in this family has survived some sort of trauma. Some of us are still healing, while others are okay, but we all look out for one another. We don’t really have spy rings, what we do have is each other’s backs.

Throwing stones at a grassroots organization comprised mostly of women and men who have survived trauma, black women, and LGBTQ folks, is a fairly horrible thing to do. But they keep throwing, and we keep taking those screenshots.

So many screenshots.

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