Donald Trump’s Second Term Agenda Starts on Tuesday

Image from The Wrap

Donald Trump has announced the details of his second term agenda, which, according to Donald Trump, starts on Tuesday. This coming Tuesday? A random Tuesday in the future? No one knows, but you can bet this agenda will be filled with great thoughts from his giant brain.

If you want to hear Donald Trump’s giant brain in action, Chris Wallace interviewed Trump over the weekend, and it was off the rails. Washington Post has condensed the interview into four minutes, which honestly, is four minutes too long.

Yes, Donald Trump’s second term will be as magnificently awful as his first term. The only reason anyone has COVID-19 is because of testing, Fort Bragg is in a state Trump loves but he can’t remember the name of that state (North Carolina), and kids are being taught in school to hate America, which Trump knows for certain because he “watches schools.”

We’re all going to die.

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