White Women Use Their Tears To Kill, Harm, and Silence Black People

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On August 28, 1955, 14-year-old Emmett Till was kidnapped, tortured and beaten until he was unrecognizable. His captors gouged out one of Emmett’s eyes, shot him the head, tied his body to a 75-pound cotton gin fan Emmett had been forced to carry for miles, then threw his young body into the Tallahatchie River.

Emmett Till was murdered because a white woman claimed he had flirted with her. A white woman who, decades later, admitted she lied. Her white woman’s tears led to the brutality that ended Emmett Till’s young life.

In late October, 1994, Susan Smith, a white woman from South Carolina, sobbed as she claimed a black man had accosted her, and stolen her car with her two young sons still in the backseat. Police began rousting every black man they could find, believing Smith’s white woman tears. Nine days later, Susan Smith confessed to murdering her own children by drowning them in a local lake.

The Scottsboro Boys were nine black teenage boys falsely accused of raping two white women. Ruby Bates and Victoria Price claimed the nine teenagers had raped them both on a train. Those nine teenagers spent years in horrible prisons in Alabama, even though they had not raped either Bates or Price. Again, white women’s tears were weaponized against innocent black people.

Amy Cooper called 911 because she knew her white woman tears could result in the arrest, or death, of a black man. White women are frequently recorded by black people threatening them, swearing at them, calling the police, using racial epithets, and in at least one recent case, pointing a loaded gun at a black family.

Earlier this year-March 11, to be precise-Joe Biden made a short video with Kamala Harris. The subject of the video was KHive.

As you can imagine, KHive was over the moon. Here we were, this grassroots group, not a PAC, just thousands and thousands of people from all walks of life, all colors, all religions, some rich but most not, watching as Kamala Harris explained how important KHive was to winning in November.

The term “KHive” was first used on August 7, 2018, by Eric Chavous, a young lawyer behind the Twitter account @ FlyWithKamala. But it wasn’t until last year that KHive began gaining traction and publicity, thanks to two black women: Bianca Delarosa and Reecie Colbert.

In late 2019, Bianca wrote an article on her Medium blog entitled “I Started The K-Hive Because I Knew Kamala Would Be Erased By The Media.” And she was right. Kamala Harris was widely ignored by mainstream media in favor of covering white candidates. That continues even now, as an article ran in the Washington Post recently, touting how Elizabeth Warren is the best VP choice because she understands what it is to be black.

After Kamala and Joe made that video, quite a few white women who support Warren were enraged. Given the presence Bianca has on Twitter, those Warren fans knew who she was, and they knew that she was the founder of KHive. The white women tears began.

Bianca does not hold back online. If she’s angry, you’ll know it. And like the rest of us, when Bianca types angry, sometimes she can get a little caustic. As a black woman living in a country where black people are viewed as less than deserving of life, where Nazis and the KKK march freely down Main Street, and where white people blamed George Floyd for his own murder, Bianca has a right to be angry.

But white women don’t like angry black women. Black women are supposed to act like Butterfly McQueen’s character in “Gone With The Wind,” or Aunt Jemima. You may recall that First Lady Michelle Obama was subjected to the angry black woman trope time and time again during her eight years in the White House. White people, white women particularly, despise angry black women.

In June, Kamala gave another shout-out to Khive on Twitter. The white women who adore Elizabeth Warren were apoplectic. How dare this uppity angry black chick get all the attention when Liz doesn’t even know who we are! And thus began the white women tears that bring us here today.

One white woman poked Bianca, her envy palatable through a computer screen. Bianca blocked said white woman, which exacerbated more white woman tears. White woman rolled out more Twitter accounts, hellbent on harassing Bianca and all of KHive off of social media. We didn’t leave. We doubled down, tripled down, because KHive is a family, and if you come for one of us, we’re going to fight back.

Now, did some of us get mean and snarky? Yes. Is that illegal? Nope. But the white woman tears were flowing like Niagara Falls, so she demanded her followers harass, falsely report, doxx, and stalk, Bianca and other black people in KHive.

None of that was working. If anything, we were getting stronger and snarkier and more vocal. So white woman tears became a Cease and Desist that accused Bianca of all the things the white women were doing. The C&D, by the way, is allegedly from a lawyer in Miami who specializes in defending people accused of sex crimes, including crimes against children. I say allegedly because the document is so poorly written, and laden with grammatical errors (including the misgendering of their own client), that I struggle to believe it came from an actual attorney.

That didn’t work, either. So white woman tears became a GoFundMe and a Medium article. This white woman who stalked and harassed a black woman for months, who attacked a black woman on Juneteenth, who encouraged the doxxing of a black woman on Twitter, is now making bank and getting support from Walter Bragman, of the East Hampton Bragman’s, everyone’s favorite uber-rich cosplay socialist.

White women’s tears lie, they manipulate, they portray themselves as victims of mean, scary black people. And when the inevitable happens, when Emmett Till is tortured and murdered, when black men in South Carolina are rounded up by the hundreds, when nine innocent black teenagers spend years in the worst prisons in the nation, and a black woman on Twitter receives death and rape threats on an hourly basis, the white women cry more and say “But what about me?”

Bianca is in fear for her life. She is being targeted by white women who have weaponized their tears and white fragility in order to drive Bianca not just off of Twitter, but off the internet in general. They want her to feel unsafe in her own home, in her own life, in her own black skin. They want her to suffer for the crime of being a black woman with a voice and a following.

And if the white supremacists get their way, if Bianca is driven off social media and out of her home, if she is the victim of racially motivated violence, we all know not one of those white women’s tears will be shed for her.

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