Regarding the Hypocrisy of David Silverstone and His Defenders

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Trigger warnings for sexual harassment and victim shaming.

It has been revealed over the past week that progressive darling David Silverstone is an online predator. Multiple women, and at least two underage girls, have shared screenshots of message David sent to them, including unsolicited photos of his penis and scrotum, graphic descriptions of their vaginas, and sexually explicit texts.

Others will write about those texts and messages in detail, others may interview David’s victims. This article is specifically about the blatant hypocrisy of David Silverstone and his defenders. And yes, David has defenders.

David Silverstone, along with the rest of Rose Twitter, believes Tara Reade. Not necessarily because they believe her, but because they despise Joe Biden and the Democratic party. These are the people who have donated to Reade’s GoFundMe, which has raised approximately $4,000. She was forced to lower the asking price to $50,000 when it became clear she would never convince Rose Twitter to give her $200,000.

David and his defenders have called survivors who do not believe Tara a number of names, including rape apologists, whores, c*nts, liars, neoliberal shills, paid trolls, and paid political operatives. But those same people are currently engaged in the public shaming of the women and young girls who were brave enough to come forward about the kind of person David Silverstone is.

David Silverstone made a video, in which he stated it doesn’t matter who the accused is, we must believe women. Of course, Silverstone does not abide by his own rule, and neither do his defenders. One woman, who adores David and spent months harassing survivors who don’t believe Reade, publicly tweeted her hatred of Joe Biden, and called Joe Biden a pedophile.

This woman then sent David a message of love and support, making sure David knew she doesn’t think what’s happening to him is fair. Nothing in support of the women and girls he’s preyed upon, just hugs and kisses for an online predator. A predator who sent a photo of his genitals to a young woman to “celebrate” her father’s clean bill of health.

Screenshot of Silverstone’s text from Twitter

These are the same people who constantly call Kamala Harris a cop. Many of us believe the reason they hate Kamala is she put predators like David Silverstone in prison. I was part of a Twitter thread yesterday that included a man named Harold who spent a lot of time defending a woman convicted of fondling a child. When myself and others questioned his reasons for choosing the “defending a predatory pedophile” hill to die on, he blocked us all and disappeared. Harold was also a member of Rose Twitter, and a defender of David Silverstone.

Understand, I am not claiming every member of Rose Twitter is a sexual predator. What I am saying is that a lot of them seem to believe, support, and promote, the false allegation made by Tara Reade, while defending proven serial sexual predators. That is hypocrisy. If you are shown evidence that someone plead guilty to possession of child pornography, or their arrest record, or dozens of messages and screenshots, and you continue to defend the predator(s), there’s something very wrong with your moral compass. And if you shame survivors who don’t believe Reade’s accusation by calling the rape apologists, or claiming they would hold someone down and allow them to be raped, while in the same breath you defend David Silverstone, you are a hypocrite.

There are also allegations that Silverstone used his position as a moderator in a private group for survivors of sexual violence to harass vulnerable women. Women, and girls, who had been victimized, joined a group they believed was a safe place, only to be targeted by a serial online sexual predator. So while presenting himself as an ally, David Silverstone was sexually harassing women and underage girls online.

Given that many of these women live in different states, and at least two of them were underage, hopefully local and/or federal law enforcement is taking a long look at David Silverstone. But no matter what comes of this-arrest, treatment, maybe both-the courage shown by these young, and very young, women is remarkable and inspiring. Every one of them should be proud of their bravery and their strength.

The hypocrites who are defending David Silverstone, and shaming his victims, should be profoundly ashamed of their weakness and hypocrisy.

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