Why I’m Voting For Joe Biden

In 2016, I received a large manila envelope from the White House. Inside was a letter written to me by President Obama. He was responding to an email I sent him about my mom, and how even though she was very ill in 2007, she voted for him by mail. I also told President Obama how much the ACA had helped my family.

My letter from President Obama

President Obama chose Joe Biden as his vice president because, like President Obama, Vice President Biden is kind and empathetic. He takes time to talk to average Americans, to comfort them, to laugh with them. Vice President Biden was instrumental in the passing of the Affordable Care Act, allowing millions of people access to healthcare.

I am voting for Joe Biden in November. I have a Biden sign on my lawn, I bought a Biden collar for our dog, and I wear a pro-Joe Biden tee shirt (I have four of them) every day. I am, as they say, all in for Joe Biden. Even though he wasn’t my first choice, I realize the only way we are going to begin to heal the division in this country is by supporting and voting for Vice President Biden.

Our dog wearing his Joe Biden collar

Joe Biden has decades of experience in politics. He created the Violence Against Women Act, something that helped me in so many ways as a five-time survivor of sexual violence. He was against apartheid, standing up to the Reagan administration’s racist policies on South Africa. He has survived tragedy, losing his first wife and mother of his kids in a car accident, then his son Beau, a decorated military veteran, to cancer.

We need kindness back in the White House. We need a president with a moral compass, with empathy, and we need a president who cares about everyone. We need a president who grew up middle class, who had a job as a teenager, who went to public schools, and who can empathize with the millions of blue-collar workers and families in the U.S.

What we have right now in Donald Trump is none of that. Trump rants on Twitter about ratings, he brags about his golf game, he attacks veterans, he ignores intelligence reports, he has no empathy, no moral compass. He is inherently selfish and cruel.

I’m voting for Joe Biden because he is the kind of man who can at least start to heal the damage done to our country by Donald Trump. I support Joe Biden as a sexual assault survivor, as woman, as a mom, and as an American whose family fought in the Revolutionary War.

Joe Biden is not perfect, no one is. But it’s clear Vice President Biden is our only choice in November if we want to start fixing everything Donald Trump has broken.

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