GOP Rapid Response Director Steve Guest Smears Joe Biden

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Steve Guest, according to his verified Twitter account, is the GOP Rapid Response Director. He is a former writer for The Daily Caller, and worked for Hugh Hewitt in 2015. Guest is a staunch conservative, vehemently pro-Trump, and earlier today, Steve Guest tweeted this:

That’s a photo of Joe Biden holding his son Hunter. After Vice President Biden’s wife Neilia, and his daughter Naomi were killed in a car accident, he became a single father to his young sons, Hunter and Beau. Steve Guest thought smearing Vice President Biden by posting a photo of a widower and single father holding his young son would be a great way to own the libs. It backfired.

After hundreds of people flooded Guest’s mentions, he replied with the reference to Hunter Biden’s struggles with addiction, and the defunct Chinese lobbying conspiracy theory. Both those tweets are now gone. It’s important to note that Steve Guest is employed by the Republican National Committee, which means this vile tweet had the tacit endorsement of the RNC. Perhaps they told Guest to remove his tweet, although given who they support, it’s highly doubtful the RNC found anything wrong with smearing a widower holding his young child.

The Republican party owns this tweet as if they wrote it themselves. The party that has thrown all decency out a window, and embraced Donald Trump, no longer has any credibility. Trump most likely loved Guest’s tweet, since it is almost certain that Trump views any expression of parental love as a weakness.

No one knows why Steve Guest deleted his tweet. It can’t be that someone at the RNC said “Wait, no, that’s too far,” because the Party of Trump doesn’t have a “too far.” The Party of Trump loved this tweet, for the few minutes it was public. It was cruel, it was callous, and it mocked a widower who lost his wife and daughter, and whose two sons were seriously injured in the same car accident.

We will see more and more of this tripe the closer we get to November. Donald Trump and his cultists can’t win on his record, they can’t win on his personality, they can only win by lying, smearing, and showing any act of love or kindness as weakness. Remember-Donald Trump’s idea of parental affection is stating he wants to date his own daughter.

Joe Biden’s idea of parental affection is holding his young son, a child who lost his mom and sister, and telling him everything will be okay.

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