Cosplay Socialist David Silverstone Thinks Only Rich People Are Rapists

David Silverstone is a far-left Bernie Sanders supporter with over eighteen thousand Twitter followers. And in response to a query by far-left Jacobin Magazine, Silverstone wrote what you see in the above tweet. If we “overthrew the ruling class,” “there would be much less rape.”

First, we don’t have a ruling class. We have a democratic republic. We do, however, have rich people, some of whom are despicable and horrible. Many rich people in this country are not despicable and horrible, but to David Silverstone, simply having money means you’re evil. And, it would seem, a rapist.

According to David Silverstone’s own Twitter bio, he lives in Renton, Washington. In 2019, the median household income for Renton was $71,000, while the mean household income was right around $90,000. It’s a predominantly white city, with less than 10.6% of the population identifying as African American on the 2019 Census. In other words, David Silverstone lives in a very nice, very white city, which is why he’s a cosplay socialist.

David Silverstone enjoys rending his garments when he tweets about “socialism.” He is staunchly anti-Joe Biden, anti-Democratic party, and oddly, anti-wealth, in spite of living in a city where most of the residents earn between $70,000 and $90,000 a year.

As people who know me or read my articles are aware, I am a five-time survivor of sexual violence, rape, and domestic assault. I have never, to my knowledge, been raped, assaulted, or beaten, by a rich man. Obviously, rich men and women can be sexual predators-Donald Trump is an example of that. But Silverstone’s belief that overthrowing the (nonexistent) ruling class would result in less rape is a ridiculous and offensive opinion.

Cosplay socialists like David Silverstone often make cruel and ignorant statements about sexual violence, not caring at all if those statements harm actual survivors. You may recall an article I wrote here on Poking At Snakes about a Bernie supporter who told a thread populated by sexual assault survivors that we would hold someone down and allow them to be raped.

Anyone can be a rapist. A coach, a spouse, a teacher, a partner, a stranger, a rich person, a poor person. People do not rape because they do or do not have money. They rape because they want to destroy another human being.

David Silverstone will most likely never change, he will never have empathy towards survivors of sexual violence. He hates rich people, possibly even the rich people in his own city, and that hate overshadows everything else. Even the well-being of women and men who have lived through the trauma of rape.

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