Conservative On Twitter Compares Wearing a Mask to The Holocaust

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Eric. Eric is a conservative on Twitter who, in response to a post about wearing masks, decided to exercise his First Amendment right to be an asshole. Eric believes that putting a mask on his conservative face is the same thing as being loaded into a boxcar during the Holocaust.

How do I know Eric compared wearing a mask to the Holocaust? Because he’s not the first conservative Trump supporter to do so.

Recently a Kansas newspaper featured a cartoon that equated mask mandates to the roundup and murder of millions of Jews during the Holocaust. From Time:

A weekly Kansas newspaper whose publisher is a county Republican Party chairman posted a cartoon on its Facebook page likening the Democratic governor’s order requiring people to wear masks in public to the roundup and murder of millions of Jews during the Holocaust.

The cartoon on the Anderson County Review’s Facebook page depicts Gov. Laura Kelly wearing a mask with a Jewish Star of David on it, next to a drawing of people being loaded onto train cars. Its caption is, “Lockdown Laura says: Put on your mask … and step onto the cattle car.”

Louisiana Republican Representative Danny McCormick published a video to his Facebook page Tuesday in which he said “People who don’t wear masks will soon be painted as the enemy just as they did to Jews in Nazi Germany.  Now is the time to push back before it’s too late. We can preserve America.” McCormick also shredded a mask with a chainsaw to illustrate how mandatory mask orders are “shredding the Constitution,” then went on to muse about microchips and the “mark,” which is most likely something to do with the devil.

Wearing a mask, whether voluntarily or because of a mandate, is not in anyway similar to being murdered by the Nazis. Wearing a mask can save lives during this pandemic that is not a deep state Soros plot to steal your soul if you have one.

Seriously, Eric and all his little Trump cult buddies, need to calm down. Just wear a damn mask. Heck, Eric can draw pictures on his if he wants to. The 3 Percenters logo, something from Oath Keepers, Rocky Horror lips, the all-seeing eye, a Glock, whatever.

And stop comparing wearing 1-2 ounces of fabric on your face when you run to the store to the Holocaust.

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