Rose McGowan Shows The World How She Really Feels About Survivors

Trigger warnings for sexual violence and trauma.

Late Tuesday night, Rose McGowan tweeted this:

As you can see, Tara Reade has made this her pinned tweet, as it contains a link to her GoFundMe, where she is hoping to con her fans out of at least $200,000.

This article is not about Tara Reade, although pinning that tweet with pride tells us even more about the kind of person she is. No, this article is about Rose McGowan showing the world how she really feels about survivors of sexual violence.

Rose McGowan alleges she was raped by Harvey Weinstein in a hotel room. She has ridden her trauma to fame, garnering nearly one million followers on Twitter, the publication of a book, and a music career. McGowan is filled with hate towards powerful men like Weinstein, men who use their influence and money to wreak harm and violence upon women.

Except Donald Trump.

Asking Donald Trump, who has been credibly accused by over twenty woman of sexual assault, sexual abuse, and sexual harassment, to donate to Reade’s GoFundMe, is disgusting. It’s borderline sociopathic. Donald Trump allegedly raped a thirteen-year-old girl who was trafficked to him by Jeffrey Epstein. E.J. Carroll has continued to ask, through the courts, for a sample of Trump’s DNA, because she alleges Trump raped her in a department store dressing room.

Trump has bragged about walking in on underage pageant contestants in various stages of undress. Trump laughed about grabbing women “by the pussy,” and said because he’s a “celebrity,” he can get away with it. But this man, the serial predator, is Rose McGowan’s new hero.

Rose McGowan has shown how she really feels about survivors: She hates us. That tweet, telling an accused serial predator to donate money to Tara Reade in Joe Biden’s name, is vile and harmful. Notice the hashtag at the bottom. #punkaf. Ha ha ha. Isn’t it funny to beg for money from a man credibly accused of raping a thirteen-year-old sex trafficking victim.

No. No it is not.

McGowan’s tweet was received by the survivors I know with crying, rage, insomnia, panic attacks, and anxiety. I burst into angry tears, began shaking, and didn’t sleep well, waking up with flashbacks most of the night. At least two other women had very similar reactions. Today, we still feel shaky, we’re exhausted, and we’re really, really angry.

Rose McGowan alleges she is a rape survivor, and if she is, how dare she write that tweet. How dare she center her twisted rage over the voices of survivors of rape, sex trafficking, child abuse, and assault. How dare she decide that, because she believes Tara Reade, our pain and our trauma don’t matter.

Rose McGowan showed the world how she really feels about survivors, and now, it’s time for survivors to show the world how we really feel about Rose McGowan. I encourage survivors who were triggered and/or traumatized by McGowan’s tweet to tell her precisely that. Tweet to her, write your own article, make a video, take your pain and turn it into power. Let your voice rise above the cruelty of McGowan’s words.

If you are a survivor who was triggered or re-traumatized by Rose McGowan’s tweet, and need support and help right now, please visit

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