Two Lynxes Get Into An Argument

This video appeared on my Twitter timeline earlier today. Two lynxes, caught on camera, obviously having an argument. I spoke with noted lynxologist, Dr. Fritz Fritz, and he translated what the lynxes are saying to each other. We even learned their names. Larry is standing on the path, Walter, in the grass. Walter is upset that Larry has knocked over a Jenga game, believing it was done on purpose, and Larry is attempting to defend himself. Here is the dialogue.

Walter: “Listen, you always do this.”

Larry: “I absolutely do not always do this.”

Walter: “Every single time we play a game, and you start to lose, you flip out.”

Larry “That’s complete bullshit and you know it.”

Walter: “Really? When we played Monopoly with Sharon and Fran, you lost your mind when I put a hotel on Boardwalk.”

Larry: “Never happened. You’re delusional. I don’t even like Sharon, why the hell would I play Monopoly with her?”

Walter: “We started the game because Fran lost all her money in the Bellagio casino, and Sharon had a headache.”

Larry: “I’m sorry, are you saying that we went to Las Vegas with Sharon who I can’t stand? Do you even hear yourself?”

Walter: “Just say you’re sorry for knocking over the Jenga game.”

Larry: “No, it was an accident. My tail is extra fluffy right now and I lost control of it.”

Walter: “Your tail is extra fluffy. That’s what you’re going with. An extra fluffy tail.”

Larry: “Yep. Prove me wrong.”


Larry: “Let’s play Uno.”

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