The Delicate Tara Reade

Image of young Tara Reade from CNN

Tara Reade trembles as she watches the donations rise on the GoFundMe Samuel set up for her. Will she reach her goal of $200,000? Tara’s auburn hair cascades down her back as her doe-like eyes stare at the numbers, thinking of what she will do with the money. She wonders if $200,000 will be enough to sue everyone who was mean to her on Twitter.

Before the world turned against her, Tara had dreams. Dreams of winning an Oscar for her groundbreaking performance as Backup Dancer One in “La Bamba.” Dreams of owning a horse and making someone else pay the vet bills. Dreams of being an important member of Senator Joe Biden’s staff without performing her job.

Then she fell in love with a Russian man. He was so strong, so masculine, so enticing. Even his name sent shivers through her entire body. Vladimir. Vladimir. It rolled off her tongue like a sigh wrapped in gossamer wings.

She wrote love letters to Vladimir in the form of articles. She couldn’t bring herself to contact him directly, but she could declare her feelings on the blog site Medium. Tara loved him and she didn’t care who knew. Until she did, then those love letters disappeared.

Tara reads the description Samuel wrote for her fundraiser, a smile slowly lighting up her face. Perfect, she thinks, it’s perfect. Tara is delicate, Tara needs rescuing from the awful people who don’t understand her. She is a flower whose petals are drifting one by one to the stony ground, and it will take at least $200,000 to put that flower back together.

It doesn’t matter to Tara’s ardent admirers that her allegations have fallen apart, it doesn’t matter that the alcove doesn’t exist, it doesn’t matter that she ran to the warm embraces of far left faux journalists. She is the face of a movement, she is a hero to so many on the far left and the far right. She needs them as much as they need her, possibly more. Fame and adoration, Tara muses, is what she deserves, along with at least $200,000.

Delicate Tara understands how special she is now. That she alone can demand Joe Biden be removed as the nominee and replaced by Bernie Sanders. Only she can punish Joe Biden for not knowing who she was when she worked in his office, but she needs at least $200,000 to finish her task.

Catlike, Tara stands and stretches her arms over her head. Looking at a clock, she realizes it’s time to post another conservative clickbait article about her suffering to Twitter. She feels loved and important. And once that $200,000 (or more, she hopes) is safely in an offshore bank account, Delicate Tara will continue her quest to wreak vengeance on everyone and anyone who ever saw her for who she really is.

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