Introducing the White Fragility GoFundMe!

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Are you a white progressive on Twitter? Has someone hurt your feelings? Have you been called out for telling black people how to think, speak, and vote? If you answered “Absolutely!” to any or all of these questions, allow me to introduce you to the White Fragility GoFundMe-a new way to profit off your pretend victimhood!

Creating a White Fragility GoFundMe is as easy as 1,2…well that’s pretty much it. The first step is to deny your own culpability and/or responsibility in the drowning out of black voices, and accuse black people who stand up to you of reverse racism. The second step is to create the White Fragility GoFundMe.

You will scam people out of their make more money if you convince other fragile white progressives on Twitter that your life and family (include children, even if you don’t have any-kids mean cash!) are being threatened by scary black people. Find a screenshot of a comment made to you by a black person that hurt your feelings. Edit it if necessary. Use that screenshot as your featured image on your White Fragility GoFundMe. And watch the donations pour in!

Don’t worry about GoFundMe catching on to your scam-they don’t care. Before you know it, you’ll have enough money to buy that Louis Vuitton backpack you’ve been eyeing, fill it with spray paint, and head out to a protest to vandalize buildings and watch black people get blamed for it.

White Fragility GoFundMe: Because if someone uses mean words on Twitter, it’s the same thing as murder.

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