Trump 2020: He Can Drink Water With One Hand!

Oh my goodness, last night’s Trump COVID Death Rally 2020 was a bust. Thanks to the combination of a global pandemic, K-Pop fans, and young people on Tic Toc, Trump’s campaign ad for Joe Biden Trump’s Tulsa event attracted less than 7,000 people. Who somehow managed to not social distance in an arena that holds 19,000.

Trump’s rambling, often incoherent speech, was filled with utter bullshit, racism, hate, and fetid red meat. He called COVID-19 “Kung Flu” without batting an eye, he spent nine minutes demonstrating how he walked down a ramp, he warned liberals that if his supporters were violent we’d all be dead, attacked the press, attacked Ilhan Omar, and stated that he had asked his administration to “slow down” testing for COVID-19.

But it was what he did with a glass of water that has his most ardent sycophants in a state of giddiness: He drank it with one hand. That’s it. Donald Trump drank a glass of water with one hand. And now, he’s the GREATEST PRESIDENT WHO EVER LIVED.

This is how low the bar is now. We took “Anyone can grow up to be president” and turned it into “Literally anyone, even a racist misogynistic malignant narcissist whose claim to fame is a reality television show and bankrupting casinos can be president but look he can drink a glass of water with one hand.”

DeAnna Lorraine, who got her ass handed to her by Nancy Pelosi, thinks that Trump owned the libs with this stunt. Yes, the worst president in history who uses racism and hate and violence to whip his cult members into a frothy frenzy, just ignore all that because look what Trump can do!

Is this the new Trump campaign slogan? “Trump 2020: He Can Drink A Glass Of Water With One Hand!” I guess it’s better than “Trump 2020: He Tried To Stop Testing For COVID-19, Sorry About Your Grandmother.”

Update: DeAnna Lorraine posted this in honor of Fathers Day, and I think we can all agree she’s got some issues.

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