White Lady Cop Cries Over Egg McMuffin

This white lady cop ordered an Egg McMuffin, hash browns, and a coffee, from McDonald’s. Her order wasn’t ready, so they gave her the coffee and asked her to wait in a parking spot, which is something that happens to people at fast food establishments all the time. But for our intrepid heroine, waiting for food was just too much. And she begins to cry.

White lady cop says she hasn’t slept or eaten in awhile. Okay. Nurses don’t sleep or eat for hours at a time, firefighters don’t sleep or eat for hours at a time, doctors don’t sleep or eat for hours at a time. So what is it about white lady cop that makes her so…well…special?

She mentions anxiety. Being a cop gives her anxiety right now. She wants a hug. And her Egg McMuffin. Perhaps she fell for the fake Shake Shack poisoning story. Perhaps she’s one of the thousands of racist cops who profile black people as less-than, as deserving of a beating, arrest first ask questions never, shoot ’em all.

Perhaps she’s a good cop, who’s exhausted and hungry, and decided to film herself crying about fast food in the hopes that other white women would commiserate with her. And there probably are other white women nodding their heads as they watch her video, remembering that time when they took their kids to McDonald’s after soccer practice, all buckled into the $80,000 GMC Yukon Denali, and they had to *gasp* wait for their food.

Well, white lady cop, let’s have a chat about anxiety. Let’s have a chat about the studies on the physiological and psychological effects of being black in America. From the American Psychological Association:

Although the chronic condition of stress can have negative side effects on all persons, the unique psycho-social and contextual factors, specifically the common and pervasive exposure to racism and discrimination, creates an additional daily stressor for African-Americans. Often, African-Americans do not realize daily stressors that may affect their psychological or physiological health and so we have compiled a collection of articles and additional resources to understand the health effects that result from exposure and perception of racism and discrimination.

White lady cop, imagine living with the knowledge that your children could be gunned down in a park just for being black. You go shopping for new shoes, and are followed around the store by security, just for being black. You pull into a gas station with the music playing loud, and you get shot. You get pulled over by a white cop who refuses to tell you why you’ve been pulled over. You have to teach your children how to survive an encounter with someone who looks just like you.

In your world, white lady cop, not getting your cholesterol-laden Egg McMuffin at the snap of your lily-white fingers is cause for an anxiety attack and tears. In the real world, a black mother is praying that her son comes home tonight.

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