Tara Reade Told a Lie So Big, She Cannot Undo It

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Have you ever told a lie? A lie so big, you cannot undo it? A lie that defines you, a lie that brings you love, or hurts someone you hate, a lie that has power to destroy? A lie you tell to so many people, you start to believe it yourself?

Tara Reade’s life on this blue rock has been rife with lies. She lied about her degree, she lied about her ex-husband, she lied about her involvement with the Violence Against Women Act, she lied about why she was fired from Joe Biden’s office. And in March of this year, she lied about being sexually assaulted in an alcove that doesn’t exist by a man who, while he has issues with boundaries, has never in his life sexually assaulted a woman.

Tara Reade hinted that she was about to tell this lie, by tweeting “tic tock” a number of times. She wrote a Medium article-an article about alleged harassment, not sexual assault-that she posted and tweeted to hundreds of authors, politicians, journalists, and celebrities. Nothing happened. Her tale of alleged harassment while on the administrative staff in Joe Biden’s office fell on deaf ears.

What’s a girl to do? Tara was desperate to force Joe Biden out of the presidential race. She had become a member of Rose Twitter, she was actively, and sometimes obsessively, communicating with actor John Cusack, she was still in love with Vladimir Putin. She decided to tell the lie that brings us here.

False allegations of sexual assault are rare. The statistics on false allegations, however, come from people who go to the police. There is no data that I could find on how many people lie about being sexually assaulted for attention, or revenge, or money, because those individuals do not tell law enforcement they have been sexually assaulted and/or raped.

Tara Reade went to police, after the statute of limitations expired. She told media, so many media outlets, that she filed a complaint for her own “safety,” and to “establish a paper trail in case something happens to me.” D.C. police have stated her complaint is “inactive.” Tara Reade did engage the services of two lawyers, one of whom, Doug Wigidor, represented women who were harassed and assaulted by Harvey Weinstein. Tara did not pay Wigidor, and he himself told CNN he did not ever expect to be paid. Wigidor also dropped Tara Reade as a client.

Tara did not file a civil suit, as one would do in order to seek justice. I speculate she hired Wigidor to give herself an air of authenticity. Her other lawyer, William Moran, a former editor for Sputnik, did not give her an air of authenticity, which might be why we just don’t hear about him anymore.

Tara’s interaction with John Cusack finally yielded the result she craved: Cusack’s adoration of Bernie Sanders combined with his disdain for Joe Biden and Democrats in general, manifested as belief. Cusack believes Tara Reade. And suddenly, other celebrities believe Tara Reade, also motivated by their hatred of Joe Biden and the Democratic party. The far left and the far right joined hands to declare that Tara Reade is a truth teller, placed her on a gilded pedestal, and off she skipped into the arms of Katie Halper and Ryan Grim, The Daily Caller and Breitbart.

Tara Reade is the perpetual victim, she is Andromeda chained to the rocks by her own lies, waiting for her Perseus to save her.

Andromeda by Edward Poynter

Who is Tara’s Perseus? Perhaps visions of Ronan Farrow flying on his Pegasus to free her from her self-made chains fill Tara’s fevered dreams. Perhaps John Cusack and Ryan Grim are her rescuers from a life riddled with poor choices, pathological lies, fraud, and disappointment.

Here we are, still immersed, still drowning, in a lie so big, Tara Reade cannot undo it. She cannot admit anything for fear of being thrust into a spotlight not of her own making. She is a hero to the far left and the far right. It is no longer Tara they champion, though, it is the idea of driving Joe Biden out of the presidential race. If she tells the truth, that Joe Biden did not sexually assault her in an alcove that doesn’t exist in a busy hallway she claims was so empty one could hear the click of a heel on the waxed floor, she will be pulled off that gilded pedestal. Her star will fall from the sky. She will not be the perpetual victim, a delicate flower in a twisted glass menagerie, Andromeda chained to the rocks. She will be Tara Reade, a woman who lied about a sexual assault for political reasons, for fame, and for attention.

Tara Reade told a lie so big, so monstrous, she cannot undo it. So she never will.

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