America or Donald Trump: It’s Time to Pick A Side

This is an email the Trump campaign sent out yesterday. For a $35 donation to Donald Trump, you receive a camo baseball cap and a “membership” in the Trump Army. Wearing that cap, emblazoned with Trump’s reelection slogan, will prove your loyalty and show everyone you are Trump’s “first line of defense when it comes to fighting off the Liberal MOB.”

The liberal mob. What does that mean? Who are the heinous people who belong to this mob?

Maybe Trump and his “Army” think an Aztec performing group, dancing in Minneapolis during a peaceful protest is a liberal mob.

Image from KTSP

Or these dancing protesters?

Jingle dress dancers in Minneapolis, showing their support for the black community?

It’s difficult to find this terrifying “Liberal MOB.” But it’s very easy to find the real danger. White Supremacy groups are trying to infiltrate peaceful protests. Looters arrested in Minneapolis have ties to white supremacist groups.

We have seen the dangerous brutality of law enforcement over the past 11 days. Police have run over protesters with their cars and with horses, pepper-sprayed children, shot rubber bullets at members of the press, beaten innocent people, dragged a paralyzed man out of his car, destroyed makeshift medical triage spots, been caught on camera beating and kicking protesters, an NYPD cop literally threw a young woman against a curb, causing her to have a life-threatening seizure, Salt Lake City cops shoved an elderly man with a cane down to the ground, and in Minneapolis, police in riot gear marched down neighborhood streets shouting “Light ’em up!” and then firing paint canisters at people on their porches.

We saw a monster named Derek Chauvin, a cop protected by one of the most racist and corrupt police unions in the country, kneel on George Floyd’s neck for nearly nine minutes. We heard George beg for his life, sob for his mother, a mother who had passed away two years ago. We saw Chauvin’s face, the face of a sadist. I wonder if Derek Chauvin thinks of himself as a soldier in Trump’s Army.

It’s time for Americans to choose a side. You either support this country, or you support Trump. You cannot do both. You cannot support a corrupt and unlawful president who is considering invoking the Insurrection Act because black people are making their voices heard. You cannot support a president who mocks the words “I can’t breathe.” You cannot believe monuments to racists and slave owners are more important than black people’s lives. You cannot wave the the confederate flag-a flag of treason-and call yourself a patriot. You cannot play soldier in Trump’s make-believe army and support America.

Pick a side. It’s America or Donald Trump.

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