Dear Fellow White People: What The Hell Are You Doing?

This is a compilation of photos of white people participating in what white people are calling “The George Floyd Challenge.” One racist white person kneels on the neck of another racist white person, and everyone laughs because nothing’s funnier than the tortuous murder of a black man under the knee of a white cop.

I’m white. I’m so white you can see me from space. I am also the mother of an adult son who would, if he came upon racist white people doing this awful thing, beat the living shit out of them.

Now, how did I do that? How did I, a white woman, raise a white son who isn’t a giant racist piece of shit? I had help from my husband, who is also white, and is also not a giant racist piece of shit. We taught our son to be kind, to be honest, to understand that there are people treated as less-than because of their skin color, and to use his white privilege to help those people whenever he can.

White people, what the hell are you doing? At what point did you decide George Floyd’s murder was funny? Is it the same moment you decided to call black people “n*ggers”, or post racist memes about Barack Obama, or trumpet “White Lives Matter”? Is it the moment you decided that your life is more valuable because you’re white?

Guess what, racist white people? Your lives are not more important. Frankly, if you think like this, and act like this, your lives are less important. In my Utopia, racist white people are dropped on an island far away from everyone else, given a spoon and a disposable lighter, and left there until they all die.

If you’re the parent of a white kid, or a white adult, and you look at that photo compilation and giggle, you’re the reason black people are dying. You’re the reason an actual neo-Nazi is planning to attack peaceful protesters in Seattle this weekend. You’re the reason Donald Trump is in office.

And you’re a white racist piece of shit.

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Writer, wife, mom, Democrat, trauma survivor

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