Undercover FBI Agent Arrested Because He’s Black

An undercover FBI agent was arrested during a protest because he’s black. The two officers handcuff and manhandle him as he calls them “stupid.” Which they are. The only reason this happened is the FBI agent is a black man.

Eventually, these two racial profiling ignoramuses take the FBI agent’s identification from his back pocket, and you can hear the FBI agent’s sardonic laughter. The two cops look at the ID, they look at each other, they look at the FBI agent. They remove the restraints.

The FBI agent then demands their information, their business cards, and to immediately speak with their supervisor. There is a lot of feet shuffling and muttered arguing, but the supervisor eventually appears. At which point, the FBI agent correctly points out the only reason this happened is because, as a black man, police assumed he was something he is not.

As the cops are reluctantly giving their business cards to the undercover FBI agent, the supervisor tells him they have the right to do this to anyone based on assumptions. In other words, these police officers automatically assume black people are criminals.

You can watch the video below.

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