Twitter Sent Me to the Principal’s Office for Telling the Truth

Earlier today, Melanoma…sorry (not really)…Melania Trump tweeted out that she was upset by the protests all over the country. Yes, Racist Birther’s trophy bride is sad that black people who are fed up with being murdered by white cops are protesting. So, because I have one nerve left, and am filled with sorrow and rage, I responded to her tweet. I wrote “You didn’t say a goddamn thing when armed WHITE protesters stormed Governor Walz’s house. You didn’t say a goddamn thing when armed WHITE militia stormed the Michigan capitol. Racist birther wife needs to STFU.”

Or something to that effect. I was immediately sent to the principal’s office by Twitter.

It’s important to point out this morning, Donald Trump tweeted this:

Trump didn’t come up with that “when the looting starts, the shooting starts” phrase. It was uttered by George Wallace during a rally in Pittsburgh in 1968:

If Gene McCarthy’s appearance in Pittsburgh was the inspirational highlight of my rally-crawling that year, George Wallace’s gig at the Civic Arena was the creepy-crawly low point. ‘When the looting starts, the shooting starts,’ Mr. Wallace told his frenzied devotees. No one could accuse him of lacking fire.” (source)

Twitter’s response is weak to say the least. It’s in the “public’s interest” to keep a tweet encouraging violence against protesters available for millions of people to see, including unhinged and heavily armed Trump supporters. Last night, during the protests in Minneapolis, four white men with guns were captured in a photo headed to a protest site. I don’t think they were there to hand out free coffee and hugs.

Trump’s use of the word “thugs” is red meat to his racist base. The phrase”…when the looting starts, the shooting starts” is Trump once again encouraging abuse and violence against protesters.

Twitter sent me to the principal’s office for telling the truth, albeit a bit bluntly. But Trump can lie, post vile conspiracy theories, and incite violence against people of color, and his messages of hate and racism stay up for all the world to see.

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