Tara Reade’s Newest White Knight is a Right Wing Homophobe

Image of Joseph Backholm from You Tube

Earlier this week, a man named Joseph Backholm appeared out of nowhere on Twitter to announce he was A) interviewed by the New York Times, and B) was friends with Tara Reade from 2002-2005. He knew her as “Tara McCabe, which is odd, since at that time, she was going by Alexandra McCabe. Backholm’s 16-tweet-long revelation came as news broke that Ms. Reade was being investigated for perjury, which is probably just a coincidence, right?

Some random guy on Twitter suddenly presenting himself as Tara Reade’s newest white knight wouldn’t normally get any attention. After all, Ms. Reade has sent swarms of her defenders after survivors on Twitter to call us rape apologists, threaten us, harass and try to intimidate us, so Backholm didn’t immediately raise any red flags. Until I asked Google to tell me a little bit more about him.

Joseph Backholm is a right wing homophobe. And transphobe. And anti-choice. Backholm started his “career” with the Family Policy Institute of Washington, and now works for the Colson Center for Christian Worldview. Backholm has a file at GLAAD and numerous mentions at the Southern Poverty Law Center. He’s that awful. Here is a partial list of Joseph Backholm’s attacks on the LGBTQ community:

He instructed cis men to follow women into public restrooms in order to get them to sign an anti-transgender petition.

Believes gay people having sex is in conflict with “natural and moral laws.”

Compared marriage equality to “walking on our hands and eating with our feet.”

Equated same-sex marriage with bloodletting.

Equated same-sex marriage with incest. (source)

Joseph Backholm is also vehemently anti-choice. This is a video he made in 2018, entitled “Free Abortions For All” lying about…err…railing against Washington State Senate Bill 6219. That bill, which passed, requires insurance companies that cover maternity care to also cover reproductive health services. Backholm also promotes the “aborted fetus parts for sale to everyone and anyone” conspiracy theory, and supports defunding Planned Parenthood.

Here Backholm is in 2017, pondering the legitimacy of fake “crisis pregnancy centers.” I’m kidding, he’s angry because “pro-life” pregnancy centers in California have been discovered to as fake as a $3 bill, and a law was being debated that would have required these pretend clinics to inform women of all their options, including abortion. The case of NIFLA v Becerra went all the way to the Supreme Court, where, to no one’s surprise, SCOTUS ruled in favor of the fake crisis pregnancy centers.

Tara Reade’s new white knight is a right wing conservative anti-LGBTQ, anti-marriage equality, anti-choice bigot, who suddenly remembered he and Tara were besties 20-plus years ago, and she told him she was sexually assaulted by “someone you’d know,” and he’s only coming forward now for reasons, but of course, this has nothing to do with Ms. Reade being investigated for perjury.

Backholm’s agenda is a bit convoluted. He’s obviously a conservative, but he tweeted this:

Bernie Bros and Brosettes are teaming up with right wing anti-choice, anti-LGBTQ conservatives on behalf of Tara Reade. Breitbart is running pro-Tara, anti-Biden pieces nearly every day.

Oh, about the New York Times interview. I keep looking for it, but so far, the only hits are two articles pointing out Joseph Backholm’s opposition to marriage equality. I’m sure that interview will be published any day now. Any day.

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