Don’t Call Us Rape Apologists Part 2

Read that tweet. Read it. Read all of it. That’s what we’ve been dealing with, day in and day out, sometimes minute by minute. That’s what Tara Reade’s defenders are doing to survivors of rape, sexual violence, sexual assault, child exploitation, and sex trafficking.

Since you claim to be a survivor yourself, I can only assume you’re a liar who held a real survivor down for someone like Joe.

In other words, because we don’t believe Tara Reade, not only are we rape apologists, we would help someone rape. We would hold a person down and allow them to be violated in the worst way a person can be violated.

This is so triggering for us. It’s causing survivors to break down, sobbing, shaking, and vomiting. It’s causing insomnia, panic and anxiety attacks, some of us have gone back on medication, while others have ended up in the emergency room. Most of us have contacted our therapists more than once over the past month.

Chris doesn’t care. He and his stupid little red rose only want Bernie Sanders as the nominee, and he’s willing to write these obscene and morally repugnant comments to men and women who have walked through fire to try and be whole again.

Well, fuck him. Fuck every single person who, over the past month, has done the same thing as Chris. We will not stop telling our truths, we will not stop voicing our feelings, and we sure as shit are not going to bullied into silence by someone like Chris.

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