Axl Rose and Steve Mnuchin Battle Royale on Twitter

Bloomberg photo by Andrew Harrer

Axl Rose, former (current?) lead singer of Guns N’ Roses and Steve Mnuchin (Treasury Secretary) got into a battle royale on Twitter Wednesday evening. Monsieur Rose fired the first shot.

Best guess is Axl Rose had enough of Mnuchin’s “Let them eat cake” attitude (I know, she never said that), or was slightly peeved that Trump had played Guns N’ Roses version of “Live and Let Die” while refusing to wear a face mask IN A FACTORY THAT MAKES FACE MASKS, and decided to exercise his First Amendment rights.

Not so fast! Bond villain Steve Mnuchin, who was probably scrolling through Twitter, liking posts about reopening states because rich people want to go to the zoo, suddenly noticed The Tweet. And he did what any red-blooded American would do: he responded to Axl Rose, asking “What have you done for the country lately? But, in Mnuchin’s haste to defend his (lack of) character, he…well…

See that little flag? It’s the Liberian flag. Liberia. Not the American flag which is obviously what Mnuchin was going for, but hey, in his defense, the Liberian flag has red stripes. It’s nearly impossible to tell the Liberian flag and the American flag apart.

Liberian flag
American flag

Okay, so it’s not nearly impossible to tell them apart, but Mnuchin was obviously terribly upset an aging rock star had deigned to go after him on Twitter. Plus, it was Martini O’Clock at the Mnuchin estate, and interrupting that is tantamount to a federal crime.

Steve Mnuchin is not a nice person. He hates the poor and middle class and working class and really anyone who doesn’t have a household staff and a 10,000+ square-foot house. He deserves scorn and ridicule and thanks to our Constitution, anyone and everyone can dish it out to him on a sterling silver platter accompanied by haricots vert.

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