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Délicate Tara Partie Deux

“No! This isn’t possible!” Tara Reade stares at her GoFundMe in shock. Not only has she not reached her $200,000 goal, the donations have stalled. A flush of rage blooms on her Rubenesque cheeks as she begins to pace back and forth in her bedroom. Alexandra’s Tara’s mind is a whirling dervish. By this point,Continue reading “Délicate Tara Partie Deux”

The Delicate Tara Reade

Tara Reade trembles as she watches the donations rise on the GoFundMe Samuel set up for her. Will she reach her goal of $200,000? Tara’s auburn hair cascades down her back as her doe-like eyes stare at the numbers, thinking of what she will do with the money. She wonders if $200,000 will be enoughContinue reading “The Delicate Tara Reade”

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